Primary Research

In the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, “Primary” is cited as the

“earliest”, “original”, and “of the first order”

and the titled words recalled, inspire the researcher to take his studies further before this Website up-date is concluded.

He then begins the project with a following list of the M.F. principles that prize and stir him forward:

a real science’s research method;

its sequential development of multi-tested theories;

the creation of unified principles of the method; their applicability to Clinical and Self-Analytic treatments; systematic journeys to surfaces, layers, depths and roots;


child-to-adult selves with horrid symptoms unwittingly developed in infancy and early childhood and continued into adulthood and beyond, by unwitting, symptomatic, incorporating parents forcing repressions and suppressions of child selves by frightening threats

For a Start to a Solution

We must realize that there are: developmental situations, with symptomatic parents, that in process create symptoms in the child, that last in the adult for years and eventually to death.  And one is led to reflect upon the many worldwide, unsuspecting, symptomatic adults who live conflictual lives and have no avenues to identification, assistance, and solution.

The situations begin:

  1. very early and before the child has speech;
  2. during the development of speech;
  3. and the responses of such parents;
  4. or later, after three to four and several years to old age;

and at that point in this subject, we may wonder, what happened to Medical science (and Psychology?), its (their) researchers, and doctors at large, in this field?


And an Anonymous Peer Reviewer’s


No Science and No-Awareness, of an Operative Transference-Determined Review, and Worse

As objectively described and recounted by this reader, he(she) was:

completely non-objective
totally symptomatic
defended by his profession’s irrational acceptance of an anonymous method
aggressive in likewise symptomatically-protected condition
acting out a transference, or transferences
grossly wasting valuable life time to all figures involved

And the anonymous reviewer process:

prevented the author of this website from,
providing the Reviewer and the Editor,
with the hard facts,
of their major symptomatic conditions,
and (if taken) assistance from that real author would have helped them grow
to a real professional state and status
press the sick profession (whichever it is) from its symptomatic insistence that the “reviews” be anonymous,
and in a case of resistance, press it to the concrete facts of their unwitting profession’s symptomatically-derived farce.


BY INTERNAL-RESEARCH COINCIDENCE, THIS UNSUSPECTING,  RESEARCHER                                                                                                    

Was Pulled To Politics

Three days ago, he listened and followed a politician engaged in his profession and speaking to the public.  And during the event, there was reference to a childhood development and symptomatic parents.  Then that, of course, led him to the certainty that situations like it would be unwittingly influenced by transferences.  And as the people of the world at large have little or no knowledge of the phenomenon, they would be unwittingly affected by it in their work.

Then, with the realm of Politics as an example of this huge (at best, time-wasted, and at worst, unreparably-destructive ) problem, many or all members of the Opposition, Business, Medicine, Technology, Law, Banking, Nursing, Dictatorships, etc. etc, will unwittingly, daily:

  1. act-out transferences;
  2. that replace realities;
  3. that are essential to their unwitting selves;
  4. and the husbands, wives, children, friends, bosses, etc. affected.

And as none have been taught the real scientificTRANSFERENCE” concept, no one in this world, including Psychoanalysts at large, will have the slightest idea of how to take all that is M.F. (Metapsychological Formulation) known to a much-irrational world that appears to be getting worse.


Let us focus on that world-important concept, seek references in this website’s sections, and delve deeper in its books when this update is completed.  This hard-science researcher with the Scientific Method, has gone to its depths and been much-excited there.  So use what he has discovered, teach it to others, enjoy its effects, and look forward to “what’s next?”

Real science in this field cannot be set aside forever, as new young researchers in this area will assure that it is not.  So this aging optimistic fellow leaves his work with a welcome nod, and the best of the best of good wishes.

 [Note:  Examples of psychoanalysts with unwitting, acted-out, major transferences to this researcher, can be found for study in the #2 part of the new Section 8, “The Resistance to a Real Science” of this Website.]