Myrtle I. B. Anderson, BA Hon. English

Read, edited, commented and proofed all aspects of all parts of the research papers, and the first two books while in progress

Laurette Larocque, Ph.D, Psychology, Psychotherapist

Provided comments at particularly significant points in the research, and arranged a U. of T. venue for the dissemination of what became its all-important theory of the Aggressive Drive


It was an essential part of the total research that its concepts and principles be tested for communicability. It is one thing to write a theory, but quite another to “share it live”, so to speak. In the latter situation, difficulties with understanding that the researcher cannot intuitively anticipate, emerge in concrete terms that he can identify, explore and eventually master. And that was one major contribution provided here.

There were also others, the pleasure of providing new findings for mutual consideration, exploration and discussion – sometimes including lightness, humour, fun, coffee and bagels.


William R Parsons, BFA, MFA. BEd.

Bill first conceived and arranged an extensive series of interviews, became a superb interviewer, and created a trailer for an upcoming documentary based on the book: From an Art to a Science of Psychoanalysis, The Metapsychological Formulation Method.

Photography: Geoff Bowie, Vish Hansa

Editor: Vish Hansa

Sound/Music: Bill Parsons

He then recently completed the composition of the documentary, called “Three Days in Muskoka”, with editorial assistance from:

Petra Valier,

and added support by

Myrtle Anderson

Kim Cassiram.