Clinical Puzzles

New, actual, spontaneous moments in the clinical situation described as presented by patients, will be posted here on a regular basis. Interested colleagues can contribute to discussions in the box below, and I will join them when useful. Our goal will be to identify clinical phenomena that have never been identified, or never been researched, or are inadequately, illogically, or uncertainly explained, then share interest in how to begin developing scientific research methods that can lead to sound and certain understandings of them.

In the course of discussions, concepts of clinical input (applied theory) will be welcomed and discussed, but put on hold for study when the basic theories from which they are derived have not (or have not yet) been developed from logical hypotheses tested for predictive capability that can be considered established basic theory.

It will also be helpful for readers to know that the examples provided in this section will follow a particular course, beginning with the request for consultation, moving through successive parts of the consultation to treatment and its successive developments, including impasses, on the way to limited or complete endings. No limit to the time spent at any point in discussions will be set until some clarity regarding the scientific aspect of the issue under study has been obtained. And I will help with that goal whenever possible.

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Puzzle 1
Puzzle 1
NOTE: As explained earlier in this website, the puzzles provided will follow the usual sequence of therapist-patient engagements that are parts of a developing, then ongoing, then ultimately completing...